Before beginning my educational career, I used to think that I was destined for graphic design. I began my University degree with no knowledge of what I was stepping in to. I thought that an education in advertising would allow me to flex my artistic strengths while challenging me in other creative ways.

My first year at OCAD entrenched me in design and art. In second year, classes evolved into marketing and communication design. By fourth year, I had completed three integrated advertising campaigns for my thesis. 

Nearing the end of my education, I had opportunities to freelance on my own as well as through the University. I have worked for several different businesses and foundations where I wore many different hats. I have been a designer, writer, content creator, social media manager, marketing specialist and now a brand manager. After leaving school, I am still learning year by year, with every new position, opportunity, or new person I meet. I am passionate about being in a position and industry where I will never stop learning and I am so grateful for that.

My goal is to keep stepping into new opportunities. I am always educating myself with new online courses, challenging books, or putting myself in new situations which push my boundaries.

If you’re interested in meeting please shoot me a message or connect with me on LinkedIn. I love to meet new people and I’d be more than happy to grab a coffee with you (we all know we need it).