M&M Food Market

Formerly known as M&M Meat Shops, M&M Food Market is the largest frozen food retailer in Canada.

The Problem & Goal:

Sales at M&M peaked at an estimated $475-million in about 2008 but today are closer to $400-million. Consumers associate M&M Food Market with unhealthy frozen meals.

20% sales increase within one year & re-position M&M as a staple grocery destination for younger Canadian consumers.

The Insight & Solution:

People start to believe false things if they hear them enough, without actually knowing the facts.

M&M’s 100 Myths: An integrated campaign that debunks 100 myths surrounding current false trends and ideas about frozen food. True factual answers are provided on executions, as well as on a splash page. People will be encouraged to share myths or questions through a video entry contest.