Oh Henry!

OCADU Final Masters Shortlist 2019

When tasked with reviving the classic ‘Oh Hungry? Oh Henry!’ tagline for the 2019 millennial, we asked ourselves, what is the average young adult craving? We came to the conclusion that we are all hungry for more in life, whether that be more experiences, time with friends and family, fun and laughs, or even just more chocolate, peanuts and caramel. This campaign asks our target market the question, ‘What Are You Hungry For?’ and takes Oh Henry! from the bar with more stuff, to a brand that promotes a lifestyle of more.

In order for Oh Henry! to truly own this ‘more’ lifestyle, we knew that our target needed to actually feel it in order to believe it. To do so, we introduced Oh Hungerfest!, a culture festival featuring a range of experiences and activities all curated for the likes of our target market. We’re talking everything from indoor skydiving and extreme sports, to financial literacy and photography tips. It’s a weekend designed to satisfy any kind of hunger.

Created in collaboration with Lana Beiruti, Kevin Valladares Dono and Reena Feldman.