The Ask:

Develop an integrated advertising campaign for the non-toxic beauty reviews platform, PurPicks.

The Answer:

We created a campaign called “Your Way”. It’s based on the insight that people trust others who are similar to themselves for suggestions on products. (As a curly haired woman, you may ask your curly haired friend what shampoo they use). The unique aspect about PurPicks is that it has reviews from such a wide variety of people that you can find others who are similar to yourself (through their profiles) and find suggestions for products that will work for your unique needs. What works for you, won’t work for everyone. The slogan reads “Your way isn’t the only way, but it’s the best way for you.” This campaign includes transit posters, direct mail cards, OOH escalator and billboard ads, social media GIFs and 10 second videos as well as a Facebook campaign takeover. Please click the links below to access the videos.

Created in collaboration with Reena Feldman.